Western Wall Luxury House is an upscale and unique place where you can enjoy History, Luxury and quality family time. It offers an exclusive moment of pleasure, comfort and delicacy to share with your loved ones. You can celebrate any official event or family celebration, holiday or Shabbat.

Our fully renovated complex equipped with luxurious high-end material will create an enjoyable stay and allow you to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

To give you a little insight, WWLH is located right in the center of the old city, surrounded by religious and historical sites such as the Wailing wall and the temple mount which are accessible at a walking distance.

The old city's history is a genuine series of events of many decades, generations, and historical periods that will give you the opportunity to relive the experiences through the historical sites and the holy places beyond your expectations.

In a glance, you will be able to visit The Western Wall known as the holiest place where Jews go to pray; The Mount Temple (Har Habait), which is one of the most important religious sites in the Old City of Jerusalem; The Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; Prayers can be held at the Western Wall and Tomb of King David, both sacred in Judaism.

Right at your doorstep you will be traveling through time in the most impressive city of the world, where each stone is precious and symbolic.

At WWLH, upon your request, our VIP and concierge services will remain available around the clock, to ensure you a pleasant stay.

Our Rooms and Suites have been beautifully designed with the finest materials which offer luxurious and comfortable rooms with high-quality beds, flat screen TV and special suites equipped with bathrooms and showers; We offer a spacious, relaxing and elegant atmosphere in our living rooms and kitchen area.

Note that there is a mikveh located 100 meters away, for women or men.

Our Stunning high standing Penthouse, is equipped with a 200 sqm terrace facing the Har Habait (located only 300 meters in front) and the Kotel, which is one of the most popular spot in the old city.

Finally, WWLH is a perfect location for family event, wedding ceremony, or Shabbat Hatan, with its outstanding view from our terrace equipped with a kitchen .

It can also be a family trip where memories will last for a lifetime.