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Staying at WWLH, means realizing a fantastic dream, in the heart of Jerusalem, inside a luxury villa, fully equipped with a huge 200 sqm terrace. An amazing panorama will offer you a breathtaking view of the Kotel and the Har Habaït.

Classified as a World Heritage of Humanity Site, the Old City of Jerusalem, unique in its history, stands out spiritually, and culturally. It offers a multitude of historical sites to visit; and every year, millions of people are about to discover its splendor. Its history is a reflection of all the wars; built as a genuine labyrinth on an area of approximately one square kilometer, the old city is filled with small alleys, and, offers a multitude of places to discover and religious sites to visit.

Founded in the 3rd millennium BC, it was conquered by King David around 1004 BC. His son, King Solomon built he extension of the walls where he built the 1st Temple. Then, will follow the conquest of the city, the destruction and reconstruction of the walls. In 587 BC, the Temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II. It is only during the Persian time period, that the reconstruction of the Temple took place to be consecrated in 516 BC. But in the year 70, the Roman legions led by Titus who reconquered to destroy Jerusalem and the Second Temple.

The old city of Jerusalem remains a place of meeting point for the three monotheistic religions. Jerusalem, is also, where the sermons of Jesus and his meetings with his disciples took place, and the place of the Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad.

The old city of Jerusalem, the city of gold and light, is the place of rendez-vous between the past and the present. Its future can only bring hope.

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