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Tour of the premises:

The villa Avraham is a beautiful house, carved in stone, on three levels. There are three bedrooms, each room is equipped with a full private bathroom.

On the ground floor amneties include a fully equipped kitchen, the dining room and a fourth bathroom.

To access the rooms, it is necessary to go down a first level; passing through a small lounge, to enter the first suite, the Itzack suite.

The other bedrooms are one level below; after going down the stairs, you arrive directly in front of the large living room with, on its left, a bedroom equipped with a kitchenette and to its right the Yaacov suite. 

(For a better overview, in addition to photos, you can watch our video below)

A beautiful tale:

The villa Avraham, located in Jerusalem in the historical and spiritual heart of our capital. We wish to offer a new concept in the heart of the old city, a high standard housing solution. We have undertaken major renovations in this building. It was during the construction that we discovered the remains of an old mikveh. The authorities intervened on the spot to carry out the excavations: a real surprise to discover a part of our ancient history.

It, then, became obvious that WWLH had to keep its original spirit: white stones, antique style, those, combined with great taste and finesse and a touch of modernity. Our apartments are made in a very particular style of in Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter, both outdoors and indoors. The facilities are modern and comfortable. All apartments are equipped with "smart home" systems, with remote controls, appliances and electrical appliances.